About Us

Cyndy Patros

Cyndy Patros Cyndy began working with children at The Gundersen Medical Foundation Remediation Center as a Remediation Specialist in 1990. The Remediation Center became known as The READ Clinic in 1997 when the La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium, on the advice of Dr. Adolf Gundersen, adopted the program. With this move, Cyndy became the lead tutor and assistant in the supervision of the undergrad and graduate students who were required for their degree to tutor a struggling student for a semester. In 2001, UW-La Crosse took over control of the Clinic and then in July of 2004 closed the Clinic down. At that time a local business man opted to hire Cyndy to keep the Clinic in operation. Cyndy was the Director of The READ Clinic from October of 2004 until October of 2011. Cyndy is passionate about children and facilitating their journey to becoming academically independent learners.

Dave Rudolph

Dave Rudolph Dave Rudolph is an experienced professional in the field of reading education. Mr. Rudolph received his BA from UW-La Crosse in 1966 and a MA in reading education in 1974. Rudolph taught 34 years in the School District of La Crosse including 3 years at Lincoln Junior High and 31 years at La Crosse Central. Dave was primarily a reading instructor working with at risk students and struggling readers. After retirement from the La Crosse School District, Rudolph worked at UWL where he headed the Center for Adolescent Literacy and later he worked for Western Technical College. As a k-12 reading specialist Mr. Rudolph spent over 20 summer school sessions working with elementary school children. Mr. Rudolph now serves on the Board of Education for the School District of La Crosse.